Usage of Rubber in the Various Industrial Sectors

The widespread usage of rubber and Specialized Rubber Products is rising with the impact of globalization and newer technological invention. Rubber is thoroughly used both in household products as well as industrial manufacturing products. Among all the consumers of rubber, the major portion is used in tires and various other tubes inside the tubes. The portion of the rubber production which is left behind is consumed by the industries of the rubber sector. These industries are the contributors to the manufacturing and the textiles corporations.

Products of rubber

The products made up of rubber and the production is mostly including doors made up of rubber, the seals on the window and the engines where the dampeners are present.  The other products are hoses of rubber, belts made up of rubber, matting made up rubber, complete rubber flooring, washers or corks of rubber and rubber grommets.

Specialised Rubber Products

Consumption of Specialised Rubber Products

The major consumption of rubber is seen to be done by the medical sector, household uses and grade gloves used in the industrial sector and various types of toys and balloons. These are mostly consumed as latex which is concentrated. The most commonly used substances like bands made up of rubber and erasers to remove the stain of pencils are known to many. Most of the manufacturing industries use rubber as an effective adhesive material.

Textile industries and its consumption

The usage of rubber in the textile sector and industries is also widespread. The textile industries use it mostly to form elastic which is used in the fabric and found mostly in clothing items. The footwear industry is also a consumer of rubber. Usage of Specialised Rubber Products as soles of shoes and slippers and also most commonly seen as boots made up of rubber.

The rubber that is used in the textile industry is synthetic in nature. Synthetic rubber, on the other hand, has two constituents namely elastine of spandex and the most used one neoprene. Both these constituents are durable in nature. It is stronger than the naturally found rubber. Textile industries tend to use synthetic rubber to manufacture clothes which are waterproof and clothes which are used to do exercise and various other wetsuits.

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