NZS 3760 in Test and Tag NZ Is Verified Protection for Electrical Appliances

Electrical shock is the highest hazard in dealing with electrical appliances in the workplace. This requires the need to adhere to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) regulations. These regulations are set up to ensure compliance of safety norms for which Rest and Tag testing is performed. New Zealand has legislation on this matter. Test and Tag NZ is verified safety from electric shock and fire while using electrical appliances and especially plug-in appliances such as computer systems, heaters, tools, fans. etc. on workplace in New Zealand. This is two-way testing for visible and invisible faults. Visible faults are damage and missing parts that are visible with naked eye. Invisible faults are can’t be determined without testing and are more hazardous compared to visible faults.

What is NZS 3760 in Test and Tag NZ

Test and Tag NZ is the name of procedure to test and verify the electrical safety which is certified by the code NZS 3760. This is a legislation in New Zealand and in Australia as well and both companies follow same pattern of verification. This is performed to test and verify the electrical faults that are not visible but can be determined only on testing by the qualified electrician or electrical engineer with specialized equipment.

Metrotest Test and Tag Training

Purpose of Test and Tag NZ

The purpose of Metrotest Test and Tag Training is

  • Verified safety against electric shock and fire while using electric appliances in the workplace.
  • Practical way to ensure protection against risks of injury or death due to electrical appliances.
  • Way to avoid personal prosecution due to serious injury or death on workplace under legislation.
  • To assure the insurance company that reasonable steps have been taken to prevent loss due to inherent risk of electric shock and fire.
  • A Certificate of Safety for staff, customers, and stakeholders whose interests are vested in the business by some mean.
  • To have a safety method within budgeted costs.

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