La Liga Football Highlights: Everything you need to know

La Liga was initially referred to as Primera Division. Also, since Santander sponsored it, the game was also known as La Liga Santander. Ever since La Liga began, about 62 teams have participated in it. Nonetheless, out of all of them, only nine teams have managed to take back the trophy as champions back home. Also, Real Madrid stands to be the winner by scoring the title for thirty-three times, while Barcelona managed to win twenty-five times. Several people around the world are a fan of La Liga.

La Liga Clubs in Europe

If you have been a devotee of football highlights, you do understand the need of La Liga. Every year, the European clubs come in together to be a part of the greatest part of football. Some of the most famous European clubs to have been a part of La Liga include Read Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona. As far as the history is concerned, Sevilla and Atletico Madrid have always proved their potential.

Barcelona and Madrid

It won’t be wrong to say that Barcelona and Madrid have been the dominators in the aspect of football highlights for La Liga Championship. While Madrid has taken home 33 trophies, it stood up as the runners-up for 23 times. What is commendable is Barcelona’s performance in the match. Not only they have won the trophy for 25 times but also stood the runners-up for 25 times. Atletico Madrid was no less. They had managed to win 10 winning titles along with the 10 runners-up title.

Awards for La Liga Football Highlights

Till 2008-09 there was no official individual award given by La Liga. However, then the LFP body formed the LFP Award. The award was given out to the individual players as well as coaches. There are other awards too which haven’t gained any official status. Marca, the greatest sports paper from Spain gives out the Pichichi Trophy recognising the potential of the players.

Since 2013-14 season, the La Liga has also been awarding the manager of the month and player of the month.

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