Bath Bomb Is Not Just A Soap, but More Than This

The term ’bomb’ develops terror in someone’s brain. The term is shocking in its generic form, but its sense may change when associated with some other term such as bath bombs which are all-natural bathing products for their multiple body benefits. These are spherical ball-like soapy products that dissolve rapidly in water and vanish, leaving fragrance for bathing. Bath bombs are greatly fragrant and are available in multiple assorted fragrances, in bulks, on online as well as offline marketplaces.

bulk bath bombs

About bath bomb bathing

Most people are familiar with soaps and bath gels as common products that can be used for bathing, but bath bombs are unique products that have great benefits. First, they are made from natural ingredients and use natural essential oils for fragrance. Second, they are mild to the skin without irritating or allergic effect, except for people having sensitivity to fragrances.

How bath bomb works

Fizziest action caused, when bath bomb dissolves, is due to the reaction between baking soda and citric acid. What happens? Baking soda, known by its chemical name sodium bicarbonate, reacts with citric acid when coming in contact with water, results in release of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas which causes bubbling and creates fun. This chemical reaction breaks bath bomb and thus, release of its pigments, essential oils, and plant oils that have skin-conditioning effect.

How’s bath bomb different from a soap cake

Bath bomb is not like a soap cake which is meant for prolonged use until it is completely finished. Bath bomb once topped into water tub, vanishes within seconds and you can’t even find a bit of it. This is its pragmatism to offer its rich benefits and these benefits can’t be derived by rubbing it as soap cake. This is one of the reasons that bulk bath bombs are usually sold and purchased by the consumers. These bulks need to be stored in a dry airtight container for their effective use.






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