Air Sofas: The Revolutionary Accessory for the Upcoming Summer Season!

Whether you or on a camp, or you need your own place to lie down on a beach; air-sofas are the new bling! So, the next time you really need to chill out, you must get your own air sofa. The best part about these lay-bags is that they are insanely easy to inflate. But, just in case you want a quick review about the air sofas, you can further keep researching on websites like SitzsackBeratung, and others.

How to use this cute accessory?

All you have to do is just inflate the airbag. The small sac just needs to be opened against the brisk wind and you have to move your wrist in that direction and that’s all, your lay-bag is ready to use. Once you are done with your beach-venture or camp night, it’s darn simple to deflate the bag and just fold it to put it in your backpack. If you want some more information about these super cool air-sofas, you can easily check internet sites like SitzsackBeratung, and others.


What are the variants available?

  • Ice Fox air sofa:

It is available in blue color, has a light-weight and is probably the bestseller at the moment.

  • Inflatable sofa iRegro:

This comes in a variety of colours, is super light-weight and has a polyester material.

  • Laybag Rocca:

This comes with a cushion as a headrest, and is a 2-colored air-sofa. This also comes in a number of colors, and has a lighter build as compared to all the other lay-bags.

  • Fatboy Lamzac:

It has to be the people’s favorite. It has a typical classic shape and comes from the original manufacturer. It’s available in around 6 colors or more.

Why air-sofas?

They are super comfortable and portable. They are so extremely easy to build, ultra-comfy, and the perfect companion for your ultimate relaxation.  I would say they are probably the most useful summer accessory for poolside parties as well as beach ventures. But, you must be careful while buying the product so that you don’t get a duplicate one. You can simply check reviews on online sites like SitzackBeratung, and others.

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